Our quality policy as BFF Cosmetics is to operate in accordance with the company's goals and to implement the following basic principles as collective responsibility.

  • Our goal is to have entrepreneur, focused on development, open to innovation, uncompromising quality and institutional company structure in health, beauty, cosmetics and home care products we serve.      

  • Promote the effective use of a quality management system compatible with international standards and regulatory conditions in accordance with the goals and objectives of BFF Cosmetics and continuously improve.

  • To improve continuously our systems and processes with the total quality management idea based on customer expectations. Customer-oriented service, corporate-social responsibility intellectual, to create trusted and respected relationships in and outside of the institution, to be leader and to build future.

  • To answer and sustain the needs of the customer in all the products and services, on the day of delivery and superior quality and affordable price with the conscious participation of the employees training with communication and   advantages and active management.

  • To implement by closely following technology and by taking customer satisfaction as the first target.

  • To realize goals of continuous development in common participation with job and resource management process-oriented perspective.