Fleur d’Oranger is widely used both in the culinary arts as well as medicinally and is well known for its therapeutic properties. To reap the multiple benefits of it, you can make Fleur d’Oranger water or make a tea or essential oil. This white flower grows on three different fruit trees, orange, lemon and citron and gives off a delicate aroma.

Fleur d’Oranger water has fantastic effects on the skin. It is especially good for sensitive and oily skin types. It helps in soothing skin irritations and reduces the redness that comes with irritated skin.

Fleur d’Oranger water is also used in many hair care products. Not only does it smell absolutely amazing, it provides quite a few benefits as well. It helps in conditioning your hair so that it is lustrous and strong. Fleur d’Oranger water also makes your hair shiny.